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Thoughts and comments about my journey as a student at the master in Mass Communication (Social Media Program) at the University of florida – By Pedro Felipe Rodriguez S.

Looking at the future of Facebook

Registering more than 1.55 billion monthly average users (15% more than China’s total population), Facebook it’s simply way too big to be ignored. This casts huge questions on how will … Continue reading

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How reporters are taking advantage of social media

There is no question of all the benefits social media has brought to our lives. Maybe, one of the most important is the possibility of receiving instant updates from reporters … Continue reading

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How to prepare better posts on Facebook?

To post, or not to post: that shouldn’t be the question. But for many people or businesses is very difficult to know how to prepare attractive messages for their social … Continue reading

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Getting the perfect picture

Surfing my newsfeed on Facebook I found a very interesting article showing what photographers are capable of doing to capture amazing images.

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The Florida Kids and Family Expo

My Central Florida Family is the producer of a website going under the same name, as well as the Florida Kids and Family annual expo. As part of my final assignment … Continue reading

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When the XYZ Company started its life on Social Media

The first step it’s for many the most difficult. Analytics can help organizations to measure if their initial actions on social media area really paying off. Here I present a … Continue reading

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Positive vs Negative comments: how to deal with them?

Every social media manager craves for a magic wand to solve negative review. On this post I talk about two examples from which you can learn to write back to … Continue reading

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How to promote an event using social media channels?

It’s mostly about the strategy you use. Think of the message you want to disseminate, define the audience you want to target, and finally pick the channels you think are … Continue reading

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A content calendar for Epcot

On this post I’ll show a content calendar for Disney’s Epcot theme park. The main objectives I expect to achieve with this content are two: 1. Promote (among Epcot’s followers) this … Continue reading

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Why brands should care about StumbleUpon

It’s great when you have the opportunity to talk about something you don’t completely know. I was set on the task to find and describe what is StumbleUpon. Here is … Continue reading

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